School Festivals

A benefit of my school and placement is the small community and active involvement of parents and staff. Everyone works tirelessly for the students to have a well-rounded educational experience at Yuchon Elementary School.

One of the unique things about Yuchon is the exceptional diversity that is lacking in many other parts of Korea. A few of our students have Vietnamese, Filipina, and Japanese mothers. Our school promotes the celebration and inclusion of all families in our community. Last week, we had a multicultural festival and benefited from the traveling museum supplies of the National Folk Museum of Korea. We had trunks of cultural artifacts from Vietnam, the Philippines, and Mongolia. A few mothers from the Philippines and Vietnam came to help teach our students about their respective cultures. Students were also given a chance to try on some clothes from these countries for different occasions.

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Yesterday, we held another school festival to promote the “families” we have among the students. In the beginning of the school year, students in 1st-6th were assigned to a ‘family’ and they work together throughout the year. The morning began with a tag sale run by the teachers with students’ donated new and used items. After the tag sale, there were various events for the groups to do, such as jumping rope, a literacy event run by our librarian, and sampling foods made by students’ mothers.

After school, we had some teacher bonding. A majority of the staff headed to a local farm run by the family of some students. We helped out with picking some cucumbers since it is the height of the season. We ended the day with a faculty dinner at one of the restaurants in our town. We actually have 3 restaurants and I have been to 2 of them for the first time in the last week. Timing is a funny thing.

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