Southern Adventure

This past weekend will easily be remembered as one of my favorite weekends of my grant year. It was my last chance for a bigger trip and I decided to head to the southwest city of Mokpo, the city of lights. Off the coast of Korea, there are many islands and our group of ten decided to check one of them out.

The trip took a grand total of 8 hours and 4 buses, but I finally made it. Amber, Sarah, and Jonathan came from the city of Daejeon and Stephanie came from Cheongju. We met up with a few of the Mokpo crew to grab some dinner and enjoy a low key evening.

Saturday morning, we went to Yudal Middle School to cheer on some of Ammy’s students in their basketball game. After the game, we hiked Yudalsan, a small mountain in the center of Mokpo. It was a great view from the top with city to one side and water/islands in the other direction. The next stop on our agenda was the soccer stadium where our friend Liam was coaching his students and Tracey’s students were about to play. We heckled and embarrassed Liam a bit before cheering loudly for Tracey’s boys.

The big adventure of the weekend began with a windy, bumpy bus ride to the island of Jeungdo. Ten of us set out to have a little island adventure, but played it safe and avoided the ferries which stopping running at the slightest bit of foul weather or fog. We arrived and found there was a little festival going on with food tents and a stage with ongoing performances. After wandering a bit and utilizing Sarah’s Korean abilities, we found a pension willing to take all of us before heading back towards the festival and the beach.

Once on the beach, we realized it was the perfect spot for a photo shoot. The details regarding that will follow in a separate post later. The rest of the evening included some drinks, games, and general merriment. Besides a few sappy, “What will you miss?” moments, I don’t think we stopped laughing all night. It was an absolutely fantastic time with some great people.

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