June 14-16

One of the best parts of living in a small town is the undeniable sense of community. My school has a great network of teachers, students, and parents who play an active role in school life. Some of the mothers from other countries held a cooking class two Fridays ago. Myself and a few other teachers joined them in the cafeteria to learn how to make sukiyaki, a Japanese dish of beef, tofu, and vegetables. It was delicious! At the end of the school day, I walked outside to find 3 parents standing at the students’ entrance with a cooler full of ice pops. They were handing them out to all of the students and teachers on a particularly hot afternoon. There are definitely some perks to small town life.

After school, my host family had some friends over for a bbq under the stars. I was reminded of an American bbq with family and friends gathered around the grill on a warm, breezy summer night. The next morning, I headed to Seoul to meet with friends and do some of my final gift shopping. I ran into a bunch of fellow Fulbrighters in Insadong which made me an even more enjoyable day. Ammy and Tracey met up later on and after some more shopping, we set out for Gangnam. We had a low key night planned at the Ritz-Carlton. No big deal! The three of us and our friends, Amy and Hemma, splurged for a night and treated ourselves. After a late check out on Sunday and a little more shopping, it was time to head back to Yuchon. Another weekend down in the books.

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1 Response to June 14-16

  1. Andrew says:

    Ooh, the sunset photos are gorgeous. You live in such a beautiful part of the country…

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